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Edit: Re-posting in case anyone is interested.

Okay, it’s time for one of my featured posts again 🙂 But this time, consider this an advertisement as well!

Remember these >>awesome kicks?<< Well now they’re complete and up for sale! I’m doing this for Loser87 (also known as MoMo) at JPHIP because I thought this was pretty kickass. SNSDKOREAN is going to be the first to completely advertise these babies publicly, so make sure you link this to any one or any place that would be interested! This post will be updated and re-posted if new information comes in.



Nike Air Force 1 (GS)
Size: 5.5 (in men) 7.5(in women) UK:5 BR:36 CM:24 EUR:38
Originally: W/W

Time it took to complete: About 1 month and a 1/2, mainly due to me being incredibly lazy LOL.
If I decided to work day and night on these, it would have only taken me at least 2 weeks since this wasn’t an elaborate custom. ; O


Lowered to $165

Before I show you a bit more of the goods, I’ll give you some quick information on it in a form of an interview because I just feel more pro that way :p

sLaVe: Do you have a price for the shoes or do you want bids?

MoMo: Mmm this pair I’m selling at $175 right now ;T but I’m gonna lower the price to $165! The next pair I’m working on will be up for bids.

sLaVe: Great! Oh, so someone who liked the first post wanted to know what kind of paint you used and if it was water resistant and such. Should they take any precautions with the shoes?

MoMo: Mmm, I use a paint called Angelus Leather Paint and it says that it’s water resistant but I added a finisher after I completed the shoes to make sure it stays water resistant. If it fades or something, they can send it back to me and I’ll re touch it for a small fee.

sLaVe: So can we expect more customs like these?

MoMo: Yeah, I’m testing the waters now, if all goes well you can expect a lot of Kpop customs coming out and if I have time, I’ll even do requests.

sLaVe: Haha awesome, answered my second question too. Alright, well I think that’s it then. Is there anything you’d like to add?

MoMo: Nothing but thanks and gratitude : D

sLaVe: No problem! It’s pretty freaking awesome and I love featuring other people’s stuff on the blog if it’s worth it ;]

MoMo: Haha : D awesomeness to the tenth degree

sLaVe: Yeah, and cheap too, compared to other Nike customs.

Contact Information:

Any other information, e-mail me or message me on MSN at Somegirl543@hotmail.com

If you’re a member of JPHIP, then just PM me at Loser87



With Laces:

More Images: Pic1 | Pic2 | Pic3

So help feed MoMo and So if you want more, buy these very first kickass custom designed shoes by Loser87!