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Finally back with my crack!posts… It’s been a while so I feel a bit rusty. And I’ve a lot of JeNy pent up inside… so… Be prepared! If you’re not one for my theories and silly antics, then as always, read between the lines and G_ _ O.

Warning: This post is picture infested.

Oh before I start, Remember Cindy when I said I’d get you back and that there was no competition? ^___________^ I don’t even remember what particular post that was for… So I can’t link it to refresh your memory. But I think it had something to do with Yulti. I think. Either way, here’s my super-slap-back. I can assure you, it’s worse than M!Net‘s Nam Gyuri slap. Anyway, I was gonna get you back with a fanfic… but we all know how good I am with updating those things…

Oh and speaking of fanfics! I just realized that it just so happens to be the one year anniversary of the biblefic that started all this JeNy madness (which is also technically Cindy’s fault). Thanks for your awesome, >>Pooltides!<<

I wanted to write this a while ago, maybe a month ago… but I’ve been busy. So… this may not be as great as I pictured it in my mind when I first started to think about this post. Either way, you will enjoy this post! Man, there must be something in this mango and shrimp I’m eating… Hmm, maybe something made of awesome. OH! And this wasn’t possible without the lovely Aienbest and Black_Velvet… And Cindy :p


The main theme for this post is Rainbows = Black and White. And I’ll show you why!

Love is Black and White

Yeah, you like what she did there with the black and white? Who knew I had a  thing for themes?

Jessica = White

Tiffany = Black

And Together, JeTi = Black and White

I saw that Jessica...

Sharing each other's clothes 🙂

Umma supports!

Umma supports!

And here’s what started this whole idea… when I noticed the nails.

Tiffany = Black

Some OTHER pictures that didn’t make it: Pic 1 | Pic 2 | Pic 3 | Pic 4

Jessica = White

Couple Rings!

Couple Rings!

Some OTHER pictures that didn’t make it: Pic 1 | Pic 2 | Pic 3

Love is shown through many colors of the  R A I N B O W

Heh, and you thought the gheiness ended at Jessica’s stars? Not!

Jessica would like to thank her lucky stars!

Tiffany’s not afraid to show her pride!

Rainbow Medal Support!

Friends’ Approval

Speaking of Support… TaeYeon and YoonA are all for the JeNy gheiness!

JeNys No.1

JeNy's No.1

The Rainbow = Black and White

And just for funsies!

It takes team effort ignore JeNy err to distract everyone from JeNy. Good Job, Yoona!

It takes team effort ignore JeNy err to distract everyone from JeNy. Good Job, Yoona!

Pantsless JeNy! Less is More ;)

Pantsless JeNy! Less is More 😉

Truly a couple of give and take

-Jessica cut off half her hair to make extensions for Tiffany.
-Jessica lost a lot of weight to give it to Tiffany to stay warm.
-Jessica takes half of her shirt to show her stomach (to us) but to also make long ones for Tiffany.
-Jessica talks less for Tiffany to say more.
-Jessica demands everyone’s lollipops for Tiffany to eat well and never hunger.
-Jessica eats her Korean dishes and gives her American dishes to Tiffany.
-(or) Jessica votes for American food so Tiffany can eat her American food too.
-Jessica gives Tiffany some water so she doesn’t thirst.
-Jessica shares her buddy Yuri so Tiffany’s never lonely when Jessica’s not there
-Jessica acts like an Ice Princess so Tiffany can be the more interesting one that everyone can love.
-Jessica is girlier so Tiffany can be bossier
-Jessica talks quieter so Tiffany can talk louder.
-Jessica acts tougher so Tiffany can act freer and happier
-Jessica gives Tiffany her juicy butt and gives it to Tiffany to create the ultimate butt.

Love has opposites attract

Truly a Couple of Opposites (and I mean that both ways).

-_- 3 O_O

-_- ❤ O_O

-_-   O_O JeNy. It’s the Real Thing.

Need proof?

Mating Dance Ritual

Mating Dance Ritual

Now, let’s have a happy ending like JeNy.

Patnless JeNy3

Patnless JeNy<3

Oh Tiffany, you’re so suggestive… or should I say very obvious? But oh well, who cares about technicalities as long as Jessica is satisfied. And from that picture, it seems so 🙂

Damn, I’m enjoying this house arrest a little too much…

Please credit the avatar (first picture) to: Black_Velvet!

Video Credit: Yumenokaze @YT