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And for someone to buy these >>nice ass shoes<< already :p

MoMo needs some help with deciding which concept she wants to do next for a new pair of SNSD shoes so I want to help her out 🙂

Take a look at Pic 1| Pic 2 | Pic 3

And now… VOTE! You have until the 29th!

If you’d like to know more about this, 

And to answer your question, yea I’m making more custom sneakers.
I’m making a line of kpop sneakers LOL

Right now though, I only made a basic/early concept ideas for the Genie Sneakers I had in mind.
I made 3 different concept ideas for the shoes and it’s based off of the different performance outfits the girls are wearing (Since they wore so many but I only chose 3 ;T)

Uhhhhh, I know my little notes are basically the same on every shoe, please try to ignore that haha;;
These are early designs just to see where I’m going with the ideas I have.
There is a high chance of me changing some of the designs when I actually make the shoes.
Okay, there is a reason why I am showing these concepts to you guys, not only to keep you updated on my progress but to also have a bit of an interaction here.

I am hoping a lot of you guys will participate in voting out of those 3 shoes which is the best design.
The most voted concept idea will be chosen and made.
(And I know that I stated that these are early designs and I might change things around but this is the basic idea of what the shoe will look like)

Now, This isn’t the only forum I’m posting these concept ideas in so your votes will be added on to the votes I’ll gather from other forums I’ve posted my shoes ideas in.

So vote (only once plzz lol) and hope your fav. wins!

Today is 7/26, the poll will close on the 29th and I’ll announce which concept won : D