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There’s nothing like loving the underdogs… except for underdog love! There’s nothing like the Advisor (a.k.a. Right Hand Man) and the Underboss getting together and showin’ some love 🙂 LONG LIVE KPSD!

You guys must be tired of my JeNy might miss my JeNy, but it’s time to rep SooRi, 2/3 of  YoSooRi, just because it’s time to switch things up a bit. This is for you, Boss Lady! I’m doing what you wanted me to do :p happy now? Have a safe trip, Cindy! Don’t miss me us too much. The staff will take care of the site, just have fun haha.

2007 ITNW MV set

2007 ITNW MV set - SooRi in sync

These two have been working closely together for a while now. In dances, sitcom dramas, going to events with one another or radio shows… They’re together a lot. Hehe, they’re just very cute!

Again, mad props to our buddy Aienbest @YT!