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The heads at SM Entertainment and Don Jess are telling commercial advertisements, >>“We’re not gonna take it…we don’t want nothin’, nothing from you”<<

The popularity of SNSD is really taking off in the year of 2009. Not only has >>SNSD as a whole been turning down offers,<< but even individually!

With Jessica‘s solo activity, featuring in Park Myung Soo‘s ‘comeback’ song produced by E-tribe, producing skyrocketing results, CF offers are pouring in. But instead of taking offers for noodle commercials, SM Entertainment has decided to decline. You’d think that they’d do the opposite, being that Naengmyun has topped many charts and it’s currently a hot tune.

The reason Myungsoo said to Lee SeungKi, the current model for Naengmyun CFs, on his MBC FM4U Date at 2 radio show was “because the price for (Ice Princess) Jessica was too high! Hopefully things will turn out differently.” So at least both SM and Myungsoo’s management have been considering it or working out prices.

Either way, I hope their performance on Music Core later on today goes well!

Original Article: @Sosiz

Video Credit: Ssfsubs @YT