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You’ve all heard the stories of Youtube uploaders who show their talent to the world and get discovered right? You have Marie Digby, Arnel Pineda, and Charice Pempengco. Well now it’s your turn.

As we >>told you before,<< SM is holding their next concert in August. If you happen to be in Korea at that time but can’t score tickets… or you just happen to have a few thousand dollars to fly to Korea on your free time and can’t score tickets… WELL IT DOESN’T MATTER! Because this contest not only gives you what you need to see the concert, but also gets your there! Yes, free plane ticket as well!

Enter to win two tickets to this years Summer SM Concert in Seoul!
Just click >>this link<< and >>enter your video<<.

But wait, you should know more about it before you get your hopes up. The contest is held by Seoul Infinitely Yours campaign advertisement- the commercial that brought SNSD, Super Junior, and DBSK together- and Seoul Airlines, who partnered with the campaign to get you to vacation in Seoul. Gosh, the marketing skills behind this just makes my marketing senses tingle!

You’ll need to enter a video (of you dancing, singing, rapping, etc.) to win this limited time entry contest. You’ll be judged on the amount of talent and fun you portray in your video. Only fifty runner ups will get a trip to Seoul as well as two concert tickets. And don’t worry, you don’t need to be Korean! Just show your Kpop love after yous how off your talents 🙂

-Contest ends at August 7th, 2009 so DON’T BE A PROCRASTINAZN…er PROCRASTINATOR!
-You’ll also have a chance to meet DBSK, SNSD, and Super Junior on this free trip for four nights!
-And hey, you’ll be featured in an official recording of another Seoul advertisement. How Cool!

MANY props to moreliana08 @>>moreliana08.wordpress<< for letting me know 🙂

D: Sorry for getting this news out late. I just came home haha