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SNSD get crunk.

Hmm, just some proof to let y’all know that SNSD is not just all skirts and frills. KPSD. It’s real.

Looks like Sooyoung can hold her liqour as she tries to steady the Don… Hyoyeon on the other hand looks like the alcohol is wearin’ off because a headache’s about to come in. Taeyeon… just looks spaced out and having fun in her own little world XD

Before we further this, let’s begin with a tip. When Don Jess says it’s time to drink, it’s time to drink! She’s all about family and having everyone together in a celebration. If you can’t handle that, then just wait until she gets drunk enough to not notice you stalling your own drinks. But I can’t blame Sunny, seeing as she’s still trying to work off her last hangover that she can’t even get up!

Damn, they are so wasted.

Don Jessica on Alcohol

Hmmm, alcohol is a relaxer…

Hmmm, but does it make her so relaxed that it melts the Ice Princess and gets her to be friendly?…

Hmmm, or maybe it just gets her to do stupid things…

Hmmm, but at least she can have some fun!

Hmmm, either way, don’t test her when she’s had a few. Just in case.

Sigh, Tiffany, stop trying to get everyone drunk! You know the Don can’t handle her own D: You’re doing this on purpose! That’s rape, Fany. I think it’s a bit fany funny that the toughest girl of the group can’t hold her liquor.

Damn, even when vulnerable, they’re scared of her. What an uncomfortable and totally forced laugh.

Credits: Aienbest, anneth021, linhtinh93 @YT


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