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>>“You got on heels, you ain’t that tall!”<< I should probably warn you not to watch that if you’re not into vulgar comedy by Chris Rock…

We all know that Tiffany can’t live without her heels, although she >>should have learned<< the first time around how dangerous they are.

Yes, as a female, I understand the many wonders heels can do for me, but I can’t deny what a hassle they are. Seriously. But here SNSD is, defending their love for heels. Or well… at least Tiffany is.

Here’s an interview with SNSD, conducted by 10Asia.

Q. It must be difficult to sing and dance at the same time. Moreover, you guys are dancing in heels, how do you guys take care of your feet? (laughs)
A. Tiffany: It’s physically tiring. But we don’t do something in particular to take care of our feet. Well, does pedicure count? (laughs) Even though it’s tiring to dance in heels, we are used to it; heels became pretty much our companion? (laughs)

Speaking of comfortable footwear…

Q. Although the dance isn’t that hard, you guys have to synchronize every move. Wasn’t that difficult?
A. Hyoyeon: Yes it was difficult. In fact, when we are on stage, it is very obvious if someone does something else. So we go over every move meticulously to make sure we are in sync.
Jessica: This time we paid more attention to our looks or feelings. It was easier for us to be in sync when all of us got the feel for the dance.

Q. Hyoyeon, you have a special solo dance. While you were practicing for your solo, did you focus on certain parts? Also, did you referred to certain musicians or dancers for your solo dance?
A. Hyoyeon: I like this kind of dance. Honestly, the concept of the song wasn’t hard for me to handle. However, it’s sort of uncomfortable for me to move my arms freely because of my outfit. Besides that, I try my best to accentuate looks or my body lines. I want to be like >>Beyonce<<; she has the best looks and facial expressions. When it comes to strength or energy, I think Chris Brown is the best.

Q. Taeyeon you have a solo part towards the end of the song. During the performance, are you nervous?
A. Taeyeon: Yes, I do get nervous. Since my solo part is sort of the climax of the song, people naturally pay more attention to that part, which means I have to sing it well. However, I don’t do something in particular to overcome my nervousness. Instead, I just sing it the way I feel it should be sang.

Q. With sexier outfits and the dance…people say Yuri is especially sexy. Do you realize this kind of change yourself?
A. Yuri: >>Uh, I’m not sexy<<. Hahahah. With my new hairstyle and my dark skin color, I think I might have been portraying that kind of image. Honestly, I thought about it; since the concept of the song and the song itself is really different, I needed to show people something new. In terms of singing and facial expression, I try to do something different from ‘Gee’.

Q. Seohyun, even though you are the maknae, you finish the song {referring to her salute at the end}. How do you feel?
A. Sunny: Every time I see her doing that, I feel proud of our maknae.
Seohyun: When I watched myself doing that on TV, I realized the way I held my hand up was sort of bent. So I was like, ‘Oh no what do I do…’, then I stood in front of the mirror and started experimenting, ‘Should I do it like this?’
I still think it’s awkward.

Q. I can see that unnies really take care of you, Seohyun. When I watched <Hello Baby> your nickname is Kkukkukgyi (someone who holds everything it in) and you have plenty of other nicknames…your unnies did secret camera (korean version of punk’d) for you.
A. Yuri: We did secret camera for her because it was her birthday. But you know ‘Maknae on top’. (Maknae is the boss).
Sunny: Out of all of us, Seohyun is so jjang (best).

Q. By the way, do you really not eat any fast food?
A. Seohyun: I don’t really like it. Well it’s not like I never eat it, but I heard if you eat fast food often, stuff accumulates in your body.

Q. Starting with 3rd episode for <Hello Baby>, there won’t be an emcee for it. How was it?
A. Taeyeon: Instead of following the script, we actually enjoyed improvising, as if we were just being ourselves at dorm…very comfortable.

Q. Tiffany, it seems like you have a hard time with a baby.
A. Tiffany: I actually don’t have a younger sibling. If I was the youngest member of the group, I think I can do better. But it’s just so hard for me and I don’t know what to do. Don’t get the idea that I don’t like babies, it’s just I never had a chance to be around with babies often.

Q. Yoona you were busy with filming dramas. Lately, I have been seeing interesting side of you. It feels like you’re a boy…an elementary school kid.
A. Yoona:Oh really?
Sunny: You are exactly right! Hahahah.
Jessica: Usually, that’s how she is.
Hyoyeon: She is very an easy-going person.
Yoona: Since I was comfortable even when cameras were on, I couldn’t help but be

Q. You guys have gained explosive popularity with Gee. Also, thanks to frequent appearance on variety shows, your group is well known. Is this burdensome? On the other hand, there are myriad amounts of rumors and troublesome articles about your group.
A. Jessica: We think it happens because that shows how people are interested in us. Actually, often times, we appreciate this kind of attention.

Q. How do you guys deal with stress?
A. Jessica: I’m sure other members are thinking the same thing but I would like to go on a vacation with just SNSD. However, we haven’t gone on a vacation after our previous promotion activities. Someday, I would definitely like to go on a vacation with SNSD.

Q. I’m sure people already asked this kind of a question, but do you guys have a wish?
A. Sooyoung: This is our wish; that is, to have our own concert…with all tickets sold out! (laughs)
Tiffany: We always had this kind of a question…that is our wish.
Sunny: I bet you, Maknae’s wish is for everyone to be not sick.
Seohyun: Yup, it’s important for everyone to be healthy.

Q. You know how you guys have won 1st place nine times in a row with ‘Gee’? Do you wish that you guys will win 1st place ten times in a row with ‘Tell Me Your Wish’?
A. Sooyoung: Winning 1st place nine times in a row was truly a miracle for us. I guess that’s why you think that’s now our standard. It wasn’t just us; it was because staff was there to support us. I think it was really difficult for that to happen. I hope you don’t think our standard is to win nine weeks in a row. Honestly, it’s ok if we don’t get 1st place for even a week.

Q. Really? (laughs)
A. Jessica: It’s more important to show people our hard work.
Tiffany: Yes, we mean it. We just love the fact that all of us can be on stage. We will always work hard!

Credits: Original Article
Interviewed by: Kang Myungseuk, Yoonheesung nine@10asia.co.kr
Edited by: Jang Gyungjin nine@10asia.co.kr
Translated by: cathode @ssf

HA, hear that? Jess don’t care what all you haters say. Hate on. Hate. On.