No no no…not me. Don’t hurt me jess 😦 But apparently, there is one girl that was brave enough to provoke this gangstuh..and that girl would be none other than Tiff. More details on that after the cut. This post will focus on some of the details I found through a lot of stalking of different places about the fan meeting that had occurred.

First off, there were two separate groups created for this fan meeting. An A and a B group and fans were only allowed to go to either group. B group was Tiff, Yul, Jess, and Sunny. A group was Yoona, Tae, Soo, Seo, and Hyo..I’m sure I got it all correct. 

Moving onto the part where you all are waiting for..the JeNy moments. So supposedly Tiff had provoked the Don by doing the “you’re crazy” hand motion, with the finger twirling and Jess threatened to punch her. Now..this time the mushroom responded back by pointing at her cheek (telling Jess to hit her if she dare. Jess responded by punching Tiff to the damn ground..blood splattered and Jess stood there saying “I told you bitch.”


Okay just kidding 😀 But Jess did punch Tiff on the cheek…very lightly hehe. How presh these girls..Later on the two did the same “youre crazy” thing to Yul but Yul was just so out of it and didn’t catch on til later. 

Managers didn’t allow handshakes, I’m assuming it’s because they didn’t want crazies grabbing our girls, not to mention holding up the line but Tae defied the rules and shook hands regardless of them telling her to stop. Now dats mah gurl. 

And as you all know, Yoon and Sunny were sick so they couldn’t attend. 😦 Tiff’s voice was said to be very sick sounding too…oh no.

that’s about all I could find from the stalking. I’ll edit if I find more 🙂 If you know any, do share!