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I promised >>Tvxq4EverLove<< that I wouldn’t be greedy and post wetYuri pictures. Now, I know we’ve already shared >>two of them<<, but Tama Mama  and  Zoolander from JPHIP had (18) more to share… and this time they move. So prepare your cups or your napkins, whatever you use to catch your drool, because you’ll most likely need it.

God, we must really love Yuri here at SNSDKOREAN because we always seem to just post random pictures of her even if it serves no significance except for staring purposes.

Thats because you like it. Uh huh, uh huh.

That's because you like it. Uh huh, uh huh.

WARNING: This post is Yuri Image Heavy!

This particular performance is when SNSD got rained on at that >>mud festival<< thing. You can tell just how wet and humid is was because Yuri’s hair lost its Kim Kardashian hair-volume! Yes, TaeYeon threw dropped her mic; yes, Seobaby lost her shoe; yes, Tiffany messed up; yes, HyoYeon’s thunda thighs jiggled; yes, all of them got wet. BUT, did anyone ever throw a handful of mud or dirt at the girls to make them a part of the festival? Did anyone ever share the wetYuri goods? NO! So here I am to do the job.

Not again, Seobaby... not Again

Not again, Seobaby... not Again

Heehee, Jessica is so faithful to Tiff.

SooRi and JeNy :O!

"My sexy just makes me go crazy sometimes"