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EDIT: Cindy here. Part 3 has been added under the cut 🙂 thanks to Tvxq4everLove for linking it to us!

I haven’t watched these yet… so you don’t have to sit through a horrible commentary 🙂 Lucky for you, huh?

There’s more below the cut!

I don’t know if there’s a PT.3 but if there is, I’ll make sure to write that I edited the post at the top and add the parts down below.

I’m quite behind on some intended posts I had and I just got another (high quality and sexy) gift from CodeMonMon but I’m not sure if I want to share. Why, you ask? Well maybe it’s due to the fact that people downloaded the remixes I uploaded and didn’t even bother to comment. A total of 84 people downloaded those >>Aliks remixes<< and I have less than 5 comments. You should be ashamed of yourself, lurkers! Sigh, I thought you loved us more than that!

Credit: Arirangworld @YT