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Kyah! K.Will as a guest (DJ?) on TaeYeon’s ChinChin radio show! Seriously, if anyone has anymore clips of him on radio with Taeyeon, SEND THEM DOWN BELOW ’cause I will be all up on that.

For those who don’t know, Outsider is dubbed the fastest rapper in South Korea. He’s famous for being able to rap 17 syllables in one second. Yes, ONE second. No one else has been able to beat him… but while talking to buddy, K.Will, K.Will said that he’d like to try it. After a few days, he was able to become almost as fast as Outsider.

If you want to see K.will perform the same song with Outsider, check >>this out!<< Gosh, I just love talent ❤

Oh, did someone say “One Second”? Hmmm…

Teehee, he got a haircut. And if I read correctly in the comments, Taecyeon asked “Will you marry me?” at the end of his rap. *dreamy sigh* ❤


Oh yeah… TaeYeon looked so pretty heehee. What a dork!

Credits: Zoolander @JPHIP, LilAznPrideLadee + Symbelmyns @YT