EDIT: O shiz, taken down by the man. I’ll post the video back up if I find it before somebody else does. I’ll be lingering around http://www.youtube.com/ssfsubs to see if it pop backs up! Sorry folks!

A bit of a behind the scenes look at the MV. Some noteworthy comments must be made:

1.  2:05 – 2:43. I couldn’t help but laugh at the entire segment and translation cause it could be taken in oh so many ways. Cue Porno-shidae!

2. The cameraman for all the flirtatious closeups is without a doubt the luckiest man alive.  I would kill to have his job.


What I meant to say was I would kill him to have his job =)


Translator: soshi00
Timer: Diem-vy
Editor: mannie
Encoder: mannie