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This is just a little update of >>this post<<. We know that SNSD has fans that can understand Korean or fans that don’t mind watching the latest SNSD shows even if it’s not subbed… so I’ll continue updating with SNSD’s upcoming schedules.

Credit: Teamomurice @YT (aka Tama Mama)

Haha the JPHIPsters had something to say about this other than “no bikinis? T_T”

They put YoonYul in a pool…with regular clothes on?! It just looks so uncomfortable o_O. I understand the no bathing suit deal, but at least give them something meant to be worn under water.


lol what kind of show is this!
damn conservative wardrobe crew. The girls might have drowned in all that clothing!


Hahah, I love my Hipsters! But it’s pretty obvious that the girls are still wearing bikinis under their clothes :T Just couldn’t take it off. Sorry guys!

Here’s the TV airdates for SNSD schedule:

Tue – Hello Baby
Wed – Midnight Entertainment
Fri – Music Bank, Section TV
Sat – Music Core, SGB, Star King, I’ve Got an Uncle, Save the World Quiz, Champagne, Entertainment Relay
Sun – Fantastic Duo, Quiz! Sixth Sense, Ingigayo, Open Concert, WGM

And here are some goodies 🙂

Gosh, this brings a whole new meaning to >>wetYuri<< and wetYoona….

Credit: Tama Mama @JPHIP