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So… back then I made this >>post<< about a CF for Infinitely Yours, Seoul? And I made this statement: ”

I’m not 100% on this, but I think Seohyun is missing. I see: Soo, Tiff, Sunny (on the floor), Tae, Yoon, Yuri, Sica, and Hyo.

Well apparently, it was YoonA that was missing, and I mistaken Yuri for YoonA and Seohyun for Yuri, oh the horrors! (But hey atleast I said “I’m not 100% sure” on this back then =P!) Here’s the release of the making of the CF (subbed)… wow they even back Gee as a background music… and I realize how much I miss Gee. It wasn’t only catchy, but the verse vocals were killer!

(Credits: seouldreamseries @ youtube)

That’s it, I’m going to Korea. Scratch my plans to Japan this Winter!?