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Okay, if you don’t know about Kkangpae Shidae by now, just do your own research in SNSDKOREAN :p

If you don’t know by now, Don Jess has a little sister Krystal (or Crystal), who has quickly become this year’s most talked about SM trainee because of her relation to Jessica and because of the random stalker pictures that have popped up all over Korean websites.

A while back, K-pop newsblogs like Allkpop and Seoulbeats, along with many other small blogs, reported that there would be a new girl group SM Entertainment would unveil this year. One thing they all had in common was that either Stella Kim or Krystal would be included in the group.

One thing is for sure however, SM Entertainment will debut a new group. He pretty much debuts someone new every year and it’d be very odd if he didn’t. In 2007, SM debuted So Nyuh Shi Dae (Girls’ Generation) in a battle against Black Pearl, DSP Entertainment’s KARA, and JYP Entertainment’s Wonder Girls. In 2008, SM debuted SHINee in a battle against JYP Entertainment’s ONE DAY, DSP Entertainment’s A’ST1, and NH Media’s U-Kiss. It’s pretty obvious that SM wants to join the 2009 girl group battle to face off Pledis Entertainment’s After School Sluts<3, YG Entertainment’s long awaited 2NE1, and Cube Entertainment’s (subsidiary of JYPE) 4MINUTE. With DSP Entertainment also having rumors of releasing a seven-member girl group, there’s no doubt in my mind that Lee Soo Man isn’t at least thinking about it.

Below is an analysis if rumors and predictions about the latest on the rumored girl group and SME’s trainees.

Not much has come about of Stella Kim since the incidents of Jessica Ho and Tiffany. She seemed to disappear even more as soon as rumors about a girl kissing Donghae who resembled the back of Jessica’s head came about (who I still firmly believed it was more likely Stella’s head than Jessica IF it was even Donghae and either two of the girls). The last I heard of Stella ever since the shocking news of her not being part of 2007’s So Nyuh Shi Dae was that she moved back to California to continue her studies. I wouldn’t find that surprising since another male SM trainee who was just in as much spotlight as her also went back home and quit his trainee duties to study.

So far, another rumor has risen saying that the new girl group will be called Crystal. Hmmm… Don Jess, do you have something to do with this? Sigh, you take care of your people quite well.

Before debuts, Entertainment companies usually hold ‘private’ showcases. Rumor has it that this new girl group already had it earlier this month, most likely on the 7th! And like most SM artists, they’ll be debuting later in the year compared to their competition who has already debuted earlier in the year. With SM Entertainment not being able to send the SNSD to Japan because of their ‘similarities’ to Japanese girl group Morning Musume, already having CSJH The Grace there, and their popularity quickly rising in Korea- SM is said to have this girl group roam the Asian seas instead. Whether it’s China or Japan, it hasn’t be decided.

So it’s time to meet the rumored girls! Yeah and uh…don’t mind that I have a lot of info on Krystal… D: God, why is she the maknae!? And worst of all, she’s a Scorpio she’s almost 29 months younger than me! And SeonYeong reminds me of the old girl who used to play Speed English at Star Golden Bell. With two Chinese Americans and another English speaker, it wouldn’t surprise me if they went to SE Asia or China for other promotions.

Let’s start off with Victoria Song (Song Chi Yen), the eldest and probably the leader:

-Birthdate and Sign: 1987/2/02 (Aquarius)
-Ethnicity: Chinese
-Height: 168cm (about 5’6″)
You probably recognize her from:
# Spris model with Lee JunKi
# Smart model with SHINee
# Samsung LCD model in China
# Anycall Anydream CF with Rain in China
# DBSK and Super Junior CF in Beijing
# Music Video for >>KangTa’s ‘Eternity’<<
# Music Video for Super Junior M’s ‘U’
# Music Video for >>SHINee’s ‘Noona is so pretty’<<
# Photoshoot with SHINee in the Vogue Girl December 08 issue

Amber, the one with the least information:

-Birth year: 1992
-Ethnicity: Chinese American
#Looks like Donghae
#Has a tomboyish style

Park Seon Yeong:

-Birthdate and Sign: 1993/8/12 (Leo)
-Ethnicity: Korean
Some Information:
#Appeared in as a WaveGirl for the Jinsil game where she later got casted by SM Entertainment
#The picture shown above is about four years old because SM Entertainment wants to keep their trainees’ identities as a sercret

Choi Seol Ri:

-Birthdate and Sign: 1994/3/29 (Aries
-Ethnicity: Korean
Some Information:
# Won the 2005 Pretty Children award
# Casted for SM trainee in 2005 as an actress after playing a role in the ‘SeoDongYo Legendary princess’ drama
You probably recognize her from:
# Maru Child clothing model
# Starred in drama ‘Love needs no miracle’
# Starred in drama ‘꽃분이가 왔습니다’
# Starred in movie ‘The Giving Fool’ as little Ha JiWon‘s character
# Starred in movie ‘Punch Lady’
# Starred as Young JinJoo in ‘Vacation’
# Starred in Pepero CF

Krystal Jung (Jung SooJeong), the maknae:

Yeah... try not to focus on Jessica's pre-braces smile XD

Yeah... try not to focus on Jessica's pre-braces smile XD

-Birthdate and Sign: 1994/10/24-Birthdate and Sign: 1994/10/24
-Ethnicity: Korean American
Some Information:
# Jessica Jung’s (Jung SooYeon) little sister
# DJ Isak revealed >>how Krystal and Jessica got casted<<
# Music Video for >>Shinhwa’s ‘Wedding March’<<
# Music Video for >>SHINee’s ‘Juliette’<<
# YuHan Kimberly CF
# OhDduKi Curry CF
# 2002 >>Lotte CF<< with Han Ga In (Brown Eyed Girls)
# Orion ChocoPie CF
# SK, LG Telecom CF
# 2006 & 2007 Mr.Yoon English class CF >>CF 1<< >>CF 2<<

Thanks to Black_Velvet for the tip!
Extra Credits: Sookyeong @wordpress, Tama Mama + Kuya KT (Kuno_Thunder)@JPHIP, TOkrystal (aka Tama Mama) @YT