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Okay people, this blog is PG-13(ish) so we’re going to keep it that way. So that means we shouldn’t be posting Yoona’s physical demonstrations of her flexibility. So instead, we’re going to talk about Yoona’s flexibility in character and in her job description.


Let’s do this thang!

Now, since most of you guys probably don’t get how the title of Yoona’s Appreciation week…s… for the sidebar, I’ll be writing a little story step by step process of how that came about. Oh, and you can thank Boss Lady Cindy for uploading all the pictures and gifs that the staff here at SNSDKOREAN has provided for us.

1) Here we have Don Jess sending Yoona on a mission. We’ve already mentioned before that Yoona can easily deceive everyone… I mean come on, she isn’t the spy (i.e. ‘actress’) of the gang for no reason. Mixed with her hidden strength and love for mischief, and you’ve got one clever and hardworking Yoona.

2) Yoona then of course puts her thinking cap on. She’s not a stupid girl, Yoona gets herself educated! But still, Yoona’s not one for half-assing so even though she knows how bidnezz goes as usual, she still likes a to prepare.

3) Yoona’s Transformation. Think of it as >>Sailor Moon transforming<< but with more clothes and more slut power.

4) Yoona’s transformation is complete. Now it’s time to harass the victim. Maybe toy with him or her a bit… Like I said, Yoona’s one for mischief. >>But don’t test<< her…

5) …Because of you do… Well, it’s pretty much demonstrated there.

6) Ha, and here we have Yoona mocking the victim. “Awwwz, did I hurt you?”

So as you can see, Yoona has many jobs in SNSD KPSD and she does them well- APPRECIATE HER!

And here you have it, some of my favorite Yoona moments!

Credit: Aienbest @YT

I know it’s been a while since our >>last appreciation<< week… So… yeah, I have nothing to say haha. But anyway, no poll this time. It’s already been decided who goes next from the bottom four. If you’re smart, you know who it is. Guesses anyone?