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No, >>not you, Krystal<<.

…Unless Key is your male name…

Gosh, it’s like Krystal Key and Jessica had a fight and took it out on the bleach… Oh well, at least the hair is fitting Jessica quite nicely now-a-days.

This is just a fancam from >>this performance<< and I thought it was kinda cute. Though I felt like vocally, this wasn’t SNSD’s best performance of Tell Me Your Wish, Genie, I’m still glad that they won! To be honest, I thought the girls might not win it consindering they have quite the competition. In addition to that, we already know that TMYWG isn’t exactly something that Korea is used to.

Oh Key ;_; why must you confuse my gaydar? Just tell me straight up already so I can stop wasting my time. Haha just kidding, I’ll still love you all the same…but I’ll have to love Minho a little more if we’re gonna be ‘batting for the same team’, so to speak.
Credit: Teamomurice (aka Tama Mama) @YT

Ughhhh I’m so full. and I hate it when parents blow up your phone line so you can come home. Jeez, summer house arrest this year ROCKS.  D: