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Earlier, I told y’all about Heechul doing>>custom designs<< just for Sunny’s very own (birthday) kicks.

Now we get to see her wear it 🙂

Although May 15th is Lee ‘Sunny’ SunKyu’s birthday, on July 7th, Super Junior’s Kim Heechul decided to share his shoe designing skillz skills with Korean netizens. Though these are considered “white slippers” rather than shoes, the rather comfortable looking footwear was practically forced upon Sunny. I bet she was mighty embarrassed at first, but we all know our Sunny Bunny! She’s just as silly as the next fun person… so I’m sure it didn’t take  much for her to muster the courage and wear the shoes around town.

Around the entire shoe, Heechul wrote Sunny’s birth name, one that she’s rather bothered by. Along with it are cute additions of brand names like Channel. But the what grabs the most attention are little phrases that describe Sunny like calling her a shortie who’s always trying to be cute. Pfft, she doesn’t need to try, she is! Though Sunny… sometimes you should tone it down so people take you seriously, ‘kay?

Heechul dared Sunny to wear the slippers during one of the weekend performances of Tell Me Your Wish, Genie but of course she never did because the girls have a strict costume uniform. Be that as it may, Sunny’s not one to back down from a challenge!

She wore it with pride, even posing for the camera for picture evidence at Shim Shim Tapa’s July 9th (Bora) Radio Show, co-hosted by a Super Junior member, Shindong.

The response from netizens were quite positive to my surprise. Seems like the ELVES ELFs are no longer butthurt and jealous of SNSD? Ah, I guess time really does help for one to grow.

Credits: Sosiz.net