HOLY MOTHER. It’s…gone. D: Yul..

…Can someone explain the hair disappearance? Ahh Yul. 😦 Long hair was so hot on you. Tell me this was a wig lol. Sigh.

Onto the more positive points, I dig denim shorts. Always have, always will. And how the heck they dance in heels still amazes me, I can barely keep them on for over an hour. 

“Dj put it back on” and then that wink. Yeah Tiff, you gotta stop winking cause its murderous. 

I really don’t know what else to say because…the Kardashian hair has gone missing. I’m about to put up signs for rewards to whoever finds it and puts it BACK on Yul’s head. 😦 Gimme some time to grieve.

credits for the vid; jnd402

Oh. I totally forgot about the MC Cuts, here you go:

..and now the long hair is here? Oh god.  

LOL. When the camera showed Soo, Yoona, and Seohyun dancing, the first thought to my mind was “grind train?”…cause we all remember that swf of SooFany dancing to “Strong Baby”. 

Love how they brought all the girls on stage, especially when Tae did her “dance” thing. The dork in her will never fade 🙂 And Jess’s…Ya Ya’s? Mating call much?


credits; aznpryde1919