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No DBSK fangirls, it’s not >>Box in a Sheep<< so calm down. But maybe I should re-title it as “SNSD On a Love Boat” hmmm…

Anyway,  SNSD fans… get ready for a look at some of these treasures 😀

Yes. That is a bed. So get ready for what I'm about to say below :p

Yes. That is a bed. So get ready for what I'm about to say below :p

Okay, before I show you the video, let me at least have some fun, okay?

Above, you see JeTi in bed. Now, I’ve never been a fan of cosplay, but hey, I guess these two just get off on that kind of stuff? Pretty kinky if you ask me :p

But wait, this is for Music Core! I normally am not one for questioning all things that is JeNy. Hell, I’m not even one to think logically as long as it’s JeNy. Put them in a wrestling match at Horror Movie Factory, and you’ll never see my question why. But…What is Jessica doing there… she’s not a host! Like Pooltides said when he showed me this lovely picture, this definitely puts a whole new meaning to a special stage. But I guess, if you see it through the eyes of love, Jessica being there instead of Yuri makes some sense. I guess Tiffany just doesn’t feel right being in bed with another unless it’s with Jessica. Something must’ve been worked out to get this commercial going… either Yuri called Jess up to tell her the situation (cuz heaven knows, Yuri don’t want no problems with da Don) or Jessica just didn’t give a puck and threw Yuri out so she can do what needed to be done. Yuri may act all flirty with Tiffany, but that’s just part of the job description. She sure as hell won’t object to Jessica not agreeing, especially on national TV. Someone like Yuri, with such a playa status, does not need to get her pride wounded with evidence that would last a lifetime. Just think of all those boys and girls who waited for their turn with Yuri to suddenly realize they don’t want a pansy! Their poor precious time! It’s not like it’d be fair anyway… Who can take on the Don?! Oh whoops, looks like I’m getting off subject.

To say it short, Jessica’s a woman who takes charge. Who said you couldn’t take care of business and love at the same time?!

Credits: Pooltides, Aienbest @YT