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So lately, I’ve been hearing that my boyfriend K.Will has been guesting on Chin Chin radio… I got some info and… YAY~

TaeYeon and guest DJ, K.Will, were reading a story from a listener and TaeYeon’s reaction has gained some attention…

She was cracking up when the guest was reading this person’s bathroom story. Its about a guy who shares a room with his sunbae at a dorm, the toilet doesn’t flush down well at times the guy first used it….(diarrhea) thinks he flushed it down well. The second guy uses it…the first hears the flushing noise 3 seconds later….AHHHHHH turns out it back washed and splashed all over his ass and taeng was cracking up. The guys (k.will and ilac) were like grossed out but taeyeon was loving it

Tae: something about bathroom stories…never fails to entertain me


LOL! I remember on  2009224 SBS Lee Jaeryong & Jungeun’s Good Morning, she talked about possibly getting/making  diarrhea hurricane, and the members wanted to kick her out the table Oh TaeYeon, your humor is one of a kind hahaha.

P.S. If anyone finds pictures, audio clips, videos, or more translation snippets with K.Will, PLEASE comment them below!

Credit: Zoolander @JPHIP