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>>Come Back~<<

The Music Video is gonna be out tomorrow! …Or that means later tonight/early morning…and it’ll be a busy time for us once again at SNSDKorean. D: That’s okay, I don’t need to sleep! Wait, what the hell am I complainging about? I get home late when I go out and don’t sleep till hours later or I don’t go out and I still go to sleep late. IT’S GAME TIME, MARIA! STAY FOCUSED!

I should reallllly refrain from eating popsicles after eating fruits. I don’t think I can handle all this sugar…

Anyway, here’s the schedule:

6/25 – MV

6/26 – Comeback Performance @KBS MUSIC BANK

Other than a performance of TELL ME YOUR WISH, GENIE, you can expect to see JeNy and Seobaby as SES (the return of JeTiHyun?), singing OH MY LOVE, and Boys Generation performing GEE! Boys Generation will consist of 2PM, 2AM, Super Junior, and SHINee. Seungri of Big Bang can’t make it so someone from 2PM will replace him (and I’m sooooo not complaining). The performance actually says “Boys Generation & SNSD” so… that either means that some of SNSD will fill in to make it nine members or there will be all nine plus the five boys? I don’t know, no details yet so we’ll just have to wait and see.

I hope the replacement for Seungri will be Nickhun of 2PM… cuz he’s the girliest one they have in the group… And I don’t know if I can handle Junho or Taecyeon acting like JoKwon. It already kills me that I have to see Sungmin do it hahah.

This sucks 😦 I was really hoping they’d perform Etude so I can find out if it’s a BoA cover or not! I wonder if it’ll still be released as a digi single tonight…