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A.K.A. Revenge on Kkangpae Shidae and Don Jess!

HAHA I don’t understand how this show doesn’t have more fans. Seriously, you have Kkangpae Shidae in here… then you have them raggin on each other… Shinyoung and Hyerun are just hilarious…

Seriously, this show is pretty underrated if you ask me. And since SNSD wasn’t in any other show, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for fans to just watch the girls mess around and seriously act like themselves. They really do look like their having fun, besides the obvious acting some of them have to do to pretend that they’re scared.

But…what really makes this episode epic is… JeNy is missing… HMMMM now where could those two possibly be? And what could they possibly be doing, I wonder?

Credit: Soshisubs7 @YT