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If you like music, then you know the different parts to a song. Verses, chorus, hook, narration, pre-chorus, bridge, blah blah blah. And in groups, you have your solos and harmonies. Well SNSD’s TELL ME YOUR WISH, GENIE is being looked at as a different kind of song.

Well, unlike GEE which had a strong repeating chorus and bridge and without a doubt, a catchy hook, SNSD’s new song is trying quite the opposite. For years, especially in K-pop, the formula for a hit song would be to have a good chorus but a bangin’ hook. Hooks are usually easier to make because unlike the chorus, there’s no need for a prechorus and you don’t have to do much with your music notes to make a transition from prechorus to chorus. Your hook can come out of nowhere and as long as you did it correctly, it serves its purpose as being just as catchy as your chorus.

SNSD’s new song however goes straight from the intro into a chorus and no hook? What, no hook?! From beginning to end, it’s just prechoruses and choruses in between bridges and solos. Why is this such a big deal? Because SNSD has strayed from the ‘norm’ for their comeback in hopes to trying to make another hit. It’s causing some stir because some may believe it’d never make a hit because it’s too ‘different’. Obviously, SNSD has done a lot of experimenting with this comeback just like in the GEE comeback. Song wise, in the GEE comeback, they experimented with repetitive words and phrases (with bridges, hooks, bangin’ solos, etc) and now they’re experimenting without hooks. Same game plan, different tactics.

You’d think as a comeback single, the girls would choose a song more fitting for the music industry’s style. But hey, this is SNSD and SM Entertainment we’re talking about… they’ve done enough for us to know that they like to try something new to wow everyone! Have they failed more than they succeeded? Certainly not. SNSD’s not >>No.1 after one night<< for no reason!

I have a feeling our girls can make it. It’s definitely different from most songs… but hey, they still have their repetitiveness! Just this time… it’s not all in one line…

Credit: Newsen

Note: This is my article, I saw it on Newsen and someone translated it but I wrote it differently so you guys can understand what is being said about the song in comparison to other songs and styles.