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It’s just days before SNSD’s return with “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)” and it’s time to list who could possibly get in their way. That’s right, it’s a GIRL FIGHT!

You sure you wanna mess with this?

You sure you wanna mess with this?

You don’t wanna mess with Kkangpae Shidae!

The ones who ran away scared before SNSD’s comeback (i.e. ended their promotions already) are my girls, After School, KARA, Wonder Girls, SeeYa, Davichi, Jewelry, and Brown Eyed Girls. Some of these girl groups might come back to try and fight, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Who does SNSD need to take care of when they come back? The prime competitor, 2NE1 and the new girls on the block, 4MINUTE and T-ARA. Now two of these groups don’t stand a chance but one does.

Mehhh, I don’t know where I’m going with this article anymore, I gotta jet anyway. Church. Mergghhhhh