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So as you may or may not know, I’m a huge allkpop reader. Before I use to read only popseoul, because that was the only english kpop site I knew, until I realize how absolutely ridiculous and rude that site is… so I stopped. But around that same time, one of the popseoul’s sister decided to move (or rather, got kicked? I forgot about the drama already…), but before her new site seoulbeats was finalized, she told us readers to follow up in allkpop and boom! I was sold! Anyways, so this isn’t like MKMF or anything and the poll is 3 days old but vote anyways for SNSDs sake… allkpop is huge in the online kpop world after all!

Oh yeah what the heck is the poll for? Well:

I mean its SNSD obviously, but vote anyways! The nominees are 2NE1 (in VERY close second place), 4Minute, After School, Kara, SNSD, and After School. I see T-ara in the article but it’s not listed on the poll. And did they forget about brand new day? I personally didnt even notice them at all but they released a new mv apparently… yeah anyways vote for: SNSD SNSD SNSD!