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Edit: Video + one more pic!

Edit2: Porno whispers at the very bottom!

For more SNSD! No…. actually, it’s almost 2AM (“What time is it now? It’s 2…2….” xD ok I’ll stop) and my last meal was at 18:30. Damn, I need to stock up on more fruits for late night snacks.

Credit: Aienbest @YT

In case guessing has totally fried your brain, lemme help you. I’m assuming the first is TaeYeon, then Yoona (or Seobaby), Jessica (duh), and Tiffany (obviously, she’s attached to Jessica).

Anyways, if you’re hungry for more SNSD pics like I am, just look below~

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I’m assuming that’s from the restaurant thing…  man, where are their sexy >>Hooters outfits<< for the waitress show?! Pom poms don’t belong in restaurants!

Hahah, is Tiffany wearing heels? When will she ever learn…

Anyway, so thanks to Tama Mama, I have a new background (sorry 2PM and 2AM!). You know, just in case I forget.

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Just in case you’re wondering, that’s MC Mong as the first baby daddy…. and Tiffany sitting on the couch like she’s about to have a sit down with a serial killer. Hmm, but I wonder how Junsu feels about TaeYeon letting the whole nation see their baby and having different males take care of him…

Gam! (only old Jpop fans would get that…) Thanks pooltides!

But for some HQ Loving, >>click here!<< Thanks Crazy51 and Storyboard @JPHIP

Credit: Prot0980 @YT

Ah, I see they’ve been practicing with their voices to fit the Porno Shidae ^^ …I guess sunny was sounding a lil too XXX?