Wow, after looking at that title, I actually sound like some pretentious Ph.D student trying to score big with a breakthrough thesis. But then again, who’s to say the girls’ fashion sensibilities are anything but revolutionary…

No doubt that the promo pic that was released caused an explosive reaction. I don’t know how they did it, but they’ve managed to live out the fantasies of many a male out there, and they didn’t even utter a single word yet. The power of 9 fo’ sho’. I”m really digging the  “Marine Girls” concept, but it sort of begs the question: What cultural impact will this have? Will we see sailor suits walking down the street as nothing but the norm?

Digging up this article from the Chosun Ilbo Newspaper regarding the colorful skinny jeans trend, check it:

The most striking trend is for colorful “skinny” jeans in red, yellow, pink and green, which started appearing early last year. At first they seemed too tight and garish to catch on, but suddenly sales are soaring. Setting the fashion is Girls’ Generation, a K-pop girl group who perform in these pants.

The recession has been blamed for this sudden interest in happy colors. Kim Ran-do, a professor of consumer behavior at Seoul National University, explains, “People are seeking consolation from vivid colors.”

At online shopping sites such as G-Market, sales of colorful skinny jeans rose by more than 50 percent in February, as well as expanding the customer base from women in their 20s or 30s even to men.

Credits: englishnews@chosun.com

Looking at this cultural phenomenon, I decided to outline the progress of the trend of the skinny jeans, and see if I can predict with a certain degree of accuracy, with plenty of room for error, of how the “Marine Suit” trend will play out.

So from this:


Credits: Soshified

We have:


In much the same way:

Credits: Soshified

We have:


If this is what the future has in store, then I’m likin’ where this is goin… He He, alrighhhhht.

Oh right, the article.


The idol group SNSD has transformed into “Marine Girls” this time.

SNSD has announced that on this coming June 25th, they will have a comeback with their second mini-album. On the 15th, SNSD released a photo showing their concept for the second mini-album, and the responses are explosive. In the photo, SNSD is wearing navy uniforms made specially for females, while exuding strong charisma. SNSD, who once represented cuteness and liveliness, is planning to introduce a new image with their charisma.

It is very much expected that with SNSD’s transformation into the “marine girl” uniform fashion concept, will set a new trend for Korea once again, not only with their songs, but with their fashion.

SNSD set a “Soshi Gee look” trend in the beginning half of 2009, which spread the ‘Gee’ syndrome even into the fashion world. An associated party of SNSD hinted that the songs, clothing, concept, and etc, will be very different from their ‘Gee’ days.

SNSD has raised the bar by making a big hit with their colorful skinny jeans, starting the “Soshi Gee look” during their days of promoting ‘Gee’.

On another note, the new upcoming second mini-album feautres charms that only SNSD can show, and contains music that is polished and very finely perfected. SNSD is expected to show the same enormous power that they have showed from their debut “Into the New World”, and their other hit songs, “SNSD”, “Kissing You”, “Baby Baby”, and most recently, “Gee”.

SNSD shared their thoughts by saying, “We’re very happy to come back with new music and performances. We are working very hard to prepare a new look to show everybody, so please be expectant and support SNSD a lot.”

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Source: Jo!ns and Newsen
Translation: mishybear@soshified.com