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Okay, so I gave you guys a chance to >>share your thoughts<< in my last post with the help of Aienbest. Well now it’s time for another Aienbest production 😀

This has nothing to do with SNSD really, since it’s just fanmade… i.e. compilation of JeNy evidence explained.

But who cares, as of lately, the blog as been slackin’ cuz not much is happenin’ with SNSD. But that doesn’t mean fandom dies, does it!? I just needed to point out that I’m not the only one who spots things and can make stories up about it to explain what exactly is going on. I’M NOT THE ONLY CRAZY ONE!

As new (and TEMPORARY, this better be temporary Cindy!!!!) Boss Lady, I have some new duties to attend to. First off, my prections little precious readers, give a big warm welcome to S.T.A.N.D.! We all know that these borderline-fans stalk SNSD and our blog so they can get their new fix informotion about the girls then pick at it like vultures.  So give a big warm welcome to them ^____________^ Don’t worry, we still love you even if you’re brainless.