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If you’ve kept up with SNSD’s documentaries and shows, you’re be familiar with Factory Girl, the show that forces the nine to assist the Elle Girl Magazine staff. In the show’s fifth episode, Sooyoung, Yuri, and along with the two Americans of the group Jessica and Tiffany, go to New York to get a feel of what it’s like to be part of Elle Girl in America. While in New York we learned one important thing about Choi Sooyoung, the resident ‘dark-skinned’ girl of the group, and that was what her ideal man should be. But now there’s more to speculate about this Korean Thai member’s preference in men after revealing more at MBC’s Fantastic Duo! Sooyoung not only likes them tall with a nice and muscular back, but she also likes her men… dark?

When >>Kim Jaedong<<, Sooyoung’s former ideal man, asked if Nickhun (of 2PM) would consider Sooyoung to be his girlfriend, his response was “She’s very pretty, but I think we should talk about this later.” This of course interested the crowd as they expected something similar from Sooyoung. However, her thoughts were different! She simply laughed and said, “I myself don’t like guys who have a whiter face  than mine.

I Like Black Man

"I Like Black Man"

I like Black Man, Yo

"I like Black Man, Yo"

I like Will Smith

"I like Will Smith"

But Sooyoung, what if the guy’s “Pretty fly for a white guy”? I’m sure he can give you more than a five dolla holla! (I swear AKP stole that from me!!!)

Translation Credit: Blingbling9 @SSF