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Maria Edit: Found another JeNy video  from last night’s performance

(Cindy, look away!)

Mk so recently, JeNy has been the rage. Why do I say this? Why this weird post?

Well actually, its nothing weird! Just an Every1 Magazine CF Star clip ft. SNSD uploaded by iPomz at youtube. Check out 1:40-1:47 for an interesting moment.

Basically, Jessica goes over to Fany and hugs her and they have sisterly lovey dovey moments with the camera. (YES SISTERLY, i believe my girls are STRAIGHT!).

And WHY is this so interesting? Well, Taeyeon and Yuri were right next to Fany, yet Jessica chose Fany. YulSic, TaeNy+TaeSic use to be sooo common, and now I guess Ms. O__O and Ms. I-don’t-give-a-damn-I-want-to-sleep finally recongnizes their true destiny: JeNy!!!


😀 I like how everyone howled when they touched each other.. “I like just the way you are~” and their faces!!! ❤ Tiff usually just posts to Jessica when she says that but now she touched her haha. I guess the stage is small enough for that.