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Actually, I think it was  just really windy but somehow it translated cold to me. Sooyoung, Sunny and Seohyun were esp cute today. Soo tied her hair up in pigtails and the other two put on hats to protect their hair from being messed up by the wind. So cute because we hardly get to see Seobaby in a beanie in her Gee outfit. (And yes omg, I called Seohyun Seobaby! Someone has done it too many times and now instead of Seroro I have Seobaby stuck in my mind).

SNSD (-YoonA) performed out doors for the Gyeonggi Internationl Boat Show. The girls lipsynched to “Gee” and “Himnae” on this windy day.

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Video Credit: prot0980 @ youtube (upload) & zOAsUsA (filming)
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On a side note, is Taengoo sick / overly tired again? Or just extremely effected by the wind? Her dance did not seem to be on par with the other girls for this day. Oh dears, kid leader must stop this “not feeling well”… out of all the girls she has been sick the most… poor Taengoo.

And their tees are so cute! DAISY DUCK ROCKS! Actually, I’ve always liked Pluto and Mickey the best, but Daisy is pretty cool too since she has to put up with grumpy Donald.