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Okay, so it’s been almost a month since our last appreciation week. So on behalf of Cindy and Me… We’re sorry! Don’t blame us, we have lives too! But if you do want someone to blame, blame mostly Cindy Just don’t >>blame it on the swine<< cuz the poor piggies don’t deserve it.

I have these many hundred suga daddies

"I have these many hundred suga daddies"

Yuri wanted some ice cream so her suga daddies are on a race to pay for it.

We all know that Yuri is the last standing playa now that her bro, Jessica, has retired from the game after finding her long life partner, Tiffany. It’s time to appreciate this long-time veteran who has been sharing her skill with the rest of us for years now. So before we get started, let’s take a listen at Yuri’s theme song sung by our very own A.S.S. (20 points to anyone who can guess what the second S is for. And it doesn’t count if I know you know it!!!)

It’s Yuri Appreciation week! Or what I like to call… The Playa Yul Appreciation Week.  Yuri the Kkab or Yuri the womanizer; you can take that any way you want to.

Okay, here are some of Cindy’s choices:

1) Here we have a old gif of Yuri performing some Into the New World in one of the hottest fancam rehearsals known to man. But that’s besides the point because the purpose of this gif is to focus on  how Yuri harnesses her body to captivate you in her wave of entrancing body movements with ease. In other words, Yuri >>be rockin that thang like<<… well “There’s nothing I can say”. But man, I’ve never liked Mickey Mouse this much since… Well I was never a Mickey Mouse fan till now 😀

2) This gif is one of the funniest Yuri moments that can be listed under Kkab Yul. You can tell from that expression that she just almost got caught in the act of playing “The Game” with other players in which “The Playa” makes interactions for a “match”. Also where she must first “plan” how she will convince the other to partake in a top-secret, sweaty, complicated, physically-draining, and possibly deadly “battle” in which the battlefield might be (and most likely will be) located in the one she shares with her current (jealous) partner(s). Yes, Yuri knows how to take on a thousand roles to please a thousand to-be-entertained and it does come in handy. You can take that any way you want to.

The match is set. Here we have Yuri playing coy as she leads the other player to believe shes leading but in reality, Yuri has her right where she wants her her- wanting to play the game. Yuris instruments: camcorder (evidence), lotions and oils (rub sore muscles before and after), and expensive but easy-to-clean leather couch.

The match is set. Here we have Yuri playing coy as she leads the other player to believe she's leading but in reality, Yuri has her right where she wants her her- wanting to play the game. Yuri's instruments: camcorder (evidence), lotions and oils (rub sore muscles before and after), and expensive but easy-to-clean leather couch.

3) Yuri demonstrates her mating call.

4) Yuri sporting her strong tongue that she practices twice a day with on two test subjects that handle her like a pro, we like to call them Yoona and SooYoung. When fused together (or should I say when doing dirty business together) they are better known as SooNa. Yuri always said she liked working out and staying healthy. You can take that anyway you want to. Hey, Yuri’s >>tongue is the only muscle in (her) body that works harder than (her) heart<<.
Oh, and I mean a strong tongue from eating that is. Again, you can take that any way you want to.

5) Yuri shows how she gets down on Saturday Nights.

6) Demonstrating how >>her hips don’t lie<<.

Gah Yuri… you make it hard to stay faithful. And I know I’m not the only one *Ahem, CINDY*. >>Somebody save me<< because if not, Don Jessica will bust a cap in my ass who knows what’ll happen?!

Wait, did someone say ass?

yAss, I think someone did

yAss, I think someone did


Note: If you want any of the mp3s used in this post, ask for it in a comment below! And yes, I have all kinds of different taste in music 😛 (Though I’m not a big fan of “Hips don’t Lie” and that Brand New song is not my favorite song but it fits!). But omg, the Verdes trio doing a live of SAVE ME… beautiful. The sound, instrumentals, vocals… all awesome.


Here it is, if you’d like to see more (and what Cidny didn’t choose from like I told her to >:[) pictures:

C1NDY (17:02:54): brb man

Me (17:09:49): Kay, I’mma start sending so we can do this quickly cuz I gotta jet in a bit.

http://picroda.jphip.com/data/jphip3531.jpg PLEASE OH PLEASE, CINDY!

Me (17:10:21): http://picroda.jphip.com/data/jphip2896.jpg

Me (17:10:41): http://img207.imageshack.us/img207/5/c008105049e9cacb8eedb.jpg

Me (17:12:17): http://picroda.jphip.com/data/jphip3044.jpg get ovah here right nowz Me (17:12:32): http://picroda.jphip.com/data/jphip3049.jpg keekee mole Me (17:12:58): http://picroda.jphip.com/data/jphip3046.jpg damn, i kicked his ass all the way to China

Me (17:15:02): http://picroda.jphip.com/data/jphip3045.jpg funny how that was in the yuri thread

Me (17:15:38):http://img528.imageshack.us/img528/5421/090426wildflower125yul4u.jpg

Me (17:20:26):and i call these… Porno Yuri:

Me (17:23:24): http://img144.imageshack.us/my.php?image=b009407849f5492f7effa.jpg
i’ll beat you up biotch
wait, did you just call me yoona?!

Me (17:24:49): http://picroda.jphip.com/data/jphip3086.gif
those are sexy playa pics. if you can find some kkab yul try and find some so we can do the double concept of kkab yul. I’m out, seeya.

Credits: Tama Mama + Dave oppa @JPHIP