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Tiffany, over the course of her trainee and singing career, has been ridiculed for her constant mistakes. Some are light, some are just so harsh I feel sorry for her. But some, you just can’t help laugh at her………mistakes!

It almost seems to me that she’s only made one right move… Jessica (Yeah yeah yeah, I know I’ve totally been abusing my powers and just talk about JeNy in every freaking post I’ve been doing. Well that’s Cindy’s fault because I lost a bet… and because I’m a Woman of my Word, even if she thinks I’m not that bastard, I’m gonna keep to it. But watch out for my comeback in 3 or 4 more days!)

Ah yes Maria, you have a point.

Ah yes Maria, you have a point.

haha anyway, onto what I mean.

How did no one notice that at 00:47?! I mean, I understand if this was live or a performance, but this is a music video that has time to be edited! Does no one pay attention to Tiffany because they know she’s prone to mess ups now? (LOL I really should stop picking on her… but she’s just too cute!) You’d think it’d be the exact opposite haha.

See if you can figure it out before reading on.

At first, I didn’t see what the commenters were talking about in the video. Well first I did, then I rewound just for shits and giggles but noticed that “hey, she is supposed to be doing that…” … so I had to rewind again and then finally saw what they were talking about. She was a bit slow on her hand movements… Well at least we know it’s not that way in the bedroom (hahah I should really stop). Which is funny, because in their first Circus performance, she was a bit too quick probably because she skipped a step. I don’t think anyone noticed it but me cuz no one talks about it… or again, maybe they’re just so used to it that they overlook it lol. And whaddya know?! It’s at the same exact time as the video above (oo:47)!

This time however, Yoona caught her mistake but I’m sure her expression was quite different from Tiffany’s famous O-O blank stare expression. Too bad we didn’t get to see Yoona’s epic SMH face.

Hmm, maybe Tiffany was just nervous that they played JeNy’s song about how it all began. Which is funny because her partner (Jessica) is just totally into it and rockin the dance moves hahah.

Ahhhhh, I can go On and On haha. Speaking of On and On, even Utada relates to this, singing about JeNy.

Don’t forget to buy her album 😉

Oh, and speaking of Gay Parades and being emancipated, guess which one of SNSD’s idols is performing live for the >>Jessbians<< (inside joke between Cindy and me)? Of course, none other than the asexual herself, BoA! So get “intoxicated, emancipated, unapologetic, …and light (it) up” at the  >>San Francisco Gay Parade<<.

Five points for anyone who can guess how Jessica relates to the above information 😉

Credits: lailaibaybee + jilimm + Mysti3alxPockyy @YT, my buddy Alice for the BoA+Gay Parade thing

Anyway, back to me watching the rest of the music video. I’m curious how this “Shorts Version” I found is different form the Dance Version.