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Remember this >>post<< Well I feel like its time to add more cuteness to this site so I present you Coco4’s artworks uploaded by calloFduty243 @ youtube


Here is the youtube video:

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All the girls are much more easily recongnize keke. Lots of funny moments! Here’s two more screenies… sorry if it’s sica and fany again but those were the funniest and most memorable moments!

comic5^Hmm sure whats happening with this pic but its Tiffany and Taeyeon (or Sica ><)
Translations by ninco: 
Fany: “Tae..Tae” [ ;__; cries]
Taeng: “Yes,I’m right here!” [Frantic protection and wave!]
Click >>here<< to see the full *ENGLISH* comic strip @soshified. So funny because Fany wasn’t really calling for Taeyeon lol.

^keke Sica‘s famous moment with the bear (I’m surprised the artist didnt make her expression the ice cold one)


^Last but not least, SOOFANY!
Translation by crazy51:
Tiff: “Hello, I’m brighter than jewels mushroom Fany Fany Tiffany!” [does her bunny ears sign]
Soo: (summarizing) “Hello, I’m Hwang Miyoung” [Sooyoung is the “master of concise” aka ms. straightforward lol]
Click >>here<< to see the full *ENGLISH* comic strip @soshified.

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Coco4 is too awesome!!! Althought none of these incidents are new, so cute and funny the way she drew and expressed them! Hope to see more funny and great artwork from her.. (or him ><) i think its a her…