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Edit: Someone commented that the link I gave takes a while to load (that’s because it’s not thumbs but the actual pics) so if you want thumbs for the pictures, look again below. Hey, the title of the thread said it was heavy Tongue

You should know why I chose this picture :D

You should know why I chose this picture 😀

If before you got into Kpop you were into Jpop, then you probably know what I mean when I say there’s a HUGGGGEEE difference in the concepts of Korean and Japanese Photobooks. I know SNSD didn’t call their GOONBAE DIARY a photobook, but it’s a book with pictures, it’s about the same thing T_T

Anyway, I was on JHPIP and my buddies were talking about “SNSD should release a photobook!” “I don’t think LSM knows how much they would make if they released a photobook!”… And if you know what kind of photobooks they’re referring to, some of you are probably shitting yourselves in agreement or thinking sensibly like me. You know you’re never gonna see SNSD in those kind of PBs! I mean, there’s idol-PBs in Japan… then there are model-PBs in Japan. Either way, SNSD would most likely not do either one of em… Sad to say, you know you wanted to see them do model-PBs!

Then again, BoA has two or three Japanese PBs and she never went all Morning Musume/Hello! Project or Leah Dizon on them. So I guess what I’m saying is… if you want the word SNSD and Photobook in the same product title, tell Lee Soo Man to ship the girls somewhere else already (yes, because I know wherever they go in Asia, they’ll own it… yeah they’ll be tired, but you gotta spread the SNSD love like Jessica and Tiffany spr——-….lemme stop there. I see this ending badly).

>>Okay, enough talking, onto the good stuff!<< I feel like I just said the equivalent of “Shut up and show me the bewbs” hahahah

>>Thumbnails<< Thank Rei at JPHIP.com

And if you lurk around enough, you’ll be able to find a download link of good scans.

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