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If any of y’all are like me, you’ve been waiting for the SHINee MV for one reason… Krystal!!!!



Okay, I’ll admit- I was waiting for the SHINEee comeback becuase I do like SHINee. However, I don’t like their new look (don’t make me have to say anything in particular)… so for my eye’s sake, I was really waiting for Krystal. Plus, Lil Jung automatically gets love points for having relations with the Don (Idon’twannadie). And of course, the news of SHINee postponing their comeback because of a series of unfortunate events saddened me because I thought they wouldn’t realese the MV either. Cuz why would you realese an MV two whole weeks before a comeback performance? But hey, I guess they used the MV to buy SHINee some time and to give fans a lil bit of something while we wait patiently.

Now it’s my job to explain why we have to wait for such a long time for SHINee to come back and why Krystal had more camera time in the >>MV teaser<< than she did in the actual 3+ minute long MV.

If you’re not a follower of KPOP news, let me fill you in on the unfortunate events that I mentioned above. Young leader, Onew, ‘fell’ from the stairs and two of his incisors broke off. They had to rush him to the doctor so they could repare it and if not, he’d have to get veneers. Why exactly did he fall from the stairs and loose a few of his pearly whites?

02Because someone was waiting for him there. Like I advised in plenty of places (even here) when news confirmed that Krystal and the SHINee boys’d be working together, they should stay away from the lil sister! But did anyone listen? Of course they did… except for one. And what’s the result?

Onew, Onoez, Ownd

Onew, Onoez, Own'd :E

This also explains why Krystal barely has any shots in the full length MV as Don probably took her out of production in the middle of filming and locked her away for a few weeks. So while Onew recovers, Krystal is being punished and the end result is an MV not worth my anticipation T_T Also within explination is why Minho got the very last part with Krystal instead of anyone else because he already is the actor so he might as well fill the job in!


I guess they truly portray Romeo and Juliette, truly a forbidden love, as they too are truly  ‘star-crossed lovers’. Cuz you know, that’s how love stories always end in mafias these stories.

Credits: omonatheydidnt @LJ, Tama Mama @YT and JPHIP


Okay, I’m too tired to finsh off the rest of my planned post so just watch out for PT.2 sometime soon. It’s hard being a slacker ): There are so many stories… er posts I’ve wanted to make but I just get so distracted. Most of the time it’s important, other times it’s just me being a jackass 😀

Oh, and I assume everyone here has read Romeo and Juliette and understood my small references. It’s pretty easy really, but some probably won’t get what “star-crossed lovers” really mean. Whatever, not important… just me trying to be witty.

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