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Edit: Edited for Grade A Fantabulousity.

Okay, so I haven’t gotten around to my encore of >>Kkangpae Shidae<< but I figure I give a small offering of what’s in store.


Bidnezz suit

So one thing to learn about our Right Hand Man SooYoung is that she doesn’t have much luck with boys. Never have and probably never will. Which is why… SooYoung’s become such a playa with the girls. And don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talkin’ about! Why wouldn’t the bad girl be the player?

“It only makes sense if it’s in Kkangpae Shidae”.

How to Play the Game:

1) Take her to your job and impress her. Then act like you’re a busy man to let her know you’re a serious man. Just when she thinks you don’t have enough time for her, charm her with a little attention that will reel her back in. Note: Serenade her with a nice love song.

2) Take her to the beach if she’s a romantic girl. Girls like someone who can have fun. Run around, chase each other, and show her that you don’t have to take your clothes off to do it have fun. Note: Romantic girls also like to play rough or hard to get.

3) Never let her know that you’re flirting with another woman, even if they’re both within breathing distance. If the girl is her friend, just make it seem like you’re getting along but let the other know that you’re just as interested in her. Note: Girls like to dance; it’s like their pseudo-mating call.

4) If you can get the boss, you can get anyone. Hey, a playa needs an easy job and she needs to make it happen somehow! Of course there’s a reason for that- More time for girls and play, no time for work. Note: Make sure she’s only dominant during office hours, outside of business, show her who’s boss. Don’t forget to show her what fun is!

5) Let her know that you can be the girl too. Sometimes girls like a sensitive man. Note: Good acting skills are a must, you can’t let her find out that it’s not your true nature!

5) Girls like someone they can lean on when they’re in unsettling situations. Note: Bring a blanket, they also like feeling warm (aka safe). Plus, it’s a great way for getting close without looking like a pervert. Who said you were all T&A? It’s another great way to show her how sensitive you are and that your listening skills are more than sub par.

6) Girls like it when you play hard to get. Note: When you see her looking at you from across the room, look like you’re entranced in something else. Even better if you look serious. Girls like thinkers. Though don’t ponder too hard, you might end up looking like the one on the right… You can always spot the pros and the wanna-be-playas (aka undercover romantics).

7) Girls like strong men! Note: The Two for the Price of One method. It’s a bonus if you can make your girl happy and impress another girl. Don’t forget to come back for Girl No.2’s number.

8] There’s a Damsel in Distress and you need to save her! Note: Make sure to go back and make a “special apology” because you were only defending the weak. Girls like men who can protect them and who are noble!

9) They say girls are smart and always figure out what others really want. NOT. At the end of the day, they’re tired from all their hard work and they just want to be told what to do (or what you really want). They don’t want to read your mind! Plus, there’s no time for that and it always seems to be some kind of trap because the playa will always end up with what he didn’t want (i.e. an angry woman). But hey, being a tease and having her read between the lines is something she’d find interesting to do. And what is interesting in a girl’s book? Fun. Note: Don’t ask her to make you a sandwich! That’s not what you really want.

10) Tease her with what manliness you have that she doesn’t. You’ll be killing two birds with one stone! Showing your masculinity and making her laugh or upsetting her (in the end, that one will have one result anyway). Note: This may end with a slap in the face. No one said you had to be cocky. You have been warned.


Okay, if this post didn’t make you giggle/laugh/scoff/or grin… that’s probably because you didn’t get my subtle sarcasm and hints. I tried to not be so obvious with what I was trying to get at. Wonder if that worked.

But anyway, that was SOOOOOOOOOO not supposed to be the main point of the post… So continuing on with the story…

SooYoung was not always this way. In her younger years, we found that she was always after boys but boys were never after her. Boys never understood her. And though she’s still bitter about it, saying how her tough and rough personality is what left her alone, she found happiness in girls. However, there was one boy she almost had. The one boy that understood her. And the one boy that got away…

But where did he go?

Ouch. Karma’s a Bitch.