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Ever since Jessica’s baby sister, Krystal, appeared on SHINee’s new music video (the MV is yet to be released though) her name is #1 on Korean search engines. The Jung sisters are the hot topic among netizens now. 🙂

VJ Isak told a little story about how the Jung sisters get in to the entertainment business; or at least that what I understand. lol apparently today I’m having a major trouble in understanding what others say. There have been a LOT of miscommunications happened today. I can’t think straight nowadays. So anyway, listen to the audio clip of Isak talking about Jess and Krystal below:

cr: sunny270390

In case you want the pic used in the clip, here it is. The pic was taken when Jessica and Krystal attended their cousin’s wedding not so long ago.
Jessica and Krystal

I bet everyone would agree that Krystal resembles Yoona / Yuri more rather than her own sister, Jessica. But Krystal actually reminds me of her sister too… in some certain angle.

Or at least in this comparison:
the jungs

^ or maybe it’s because Krystal was wearing the mask. lol

The Jung sisters may not really look alike, but both of them are very gorgeous nevertheless. ♥