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When you think of the most feminine member, who pops into your mind?


Well I’m here to destroy that image.

Credit: otokee @Youtube

Man, I was on youtube, checking what new vids came out on my subscriptions list and I clicked this one and moved on to some other tab to let it play. I completely forgot what I clicked and when I heard it I said “Oh this guy sounds good. Who is it again?” … TIFFANY?!

Must say, if Tiffany were a boy (which is just so LOL to think about) she’d be very convincing. Which is so odd because she is just so… not manly at all! Then again, voice wise, she can get pretty strong when she gets deep.

Damn, I really wish I found the picture where Tiffany wore some mustache or something.

Don’t worry y’all, Jessica’s still the man šŸ˜‰