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And by Money Makers, I mean SNSD. You get it…cuz he gets them to dance and it makes everyone go crazy and he makes kabajillions of mon… okay I’ll stop.

Show (her) your money maker

Show (her) your money maker

To quote my homies at AKP (because I got lazy and I don’t want to write all article-like today):

According to Edaily Korea, SM Entertainment has reported that their first quarter 2009 revenue sales was 14,400,000,000 won (around $11,600,000 dollars). This was the best quarter in SM Entertainment’s history and the good fortune is due to SNSD / Girls’ Generation “Gee.” Last year, SM Entertainment was in the red and reported losses (TVXQ record sales far outpaces SNSD however) for most of the year, but SNSD helped turned things around in 2009 and has put SM back in the black.

Credit: Ghostwriter @Allkpop

No wonder there are rumors of him wanting them >>back so soon<<! I just hope they’ve had enough time to rest. Cuz honestly, if they do come back on September like I said, they can also end the second half of 2009 since they started off the first half of 2009. But nooooo, no one ever listens to my ideas anyway T_T


Teehee..there’s so many things I can say about that gif above. But I won’t because I promised to be nice to Cindy today šŸ˜€