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Aww, me?

Aww, me?

Here it is, an update on what our >>Underboss<< is doing/been up to.

Okay, for more Yuri pics, visit >>POST #1255<< cuz those gifs are just ❤

Remember the >>post about Sunny, Yuri, and SooYoung’s purses?<< Well JPHIP’s resident Yuri stalker lover stalked found Yuri’s items and their names so now you can stalkyuriliketamamama be like Yuri too!

-The bag is Marc by Marc Jacobs’ Metal Check Groovee Bag. Brand new too, since it’s from just last season, if I understand correctly.

–  The book is Talmud. Yep, that Jewish book thingy. I wonder what it’s really about now.

– The cosmetic pouch is from Benefit.

– Her diary is from 기억보관함 (making memory book). Looks so cute, I want one too, although I wouldn’t know what to write.

– Can’t find the brand of that little vitamin case. Her toothbrush looks familiar. And her toothpaste is Cloe-Up.

Credit: Tama Mama @JPHIP

And remember Yuri being the >>BIKE AMBASSADOR<<?

“Good job Yuri! Now where is your bike? I want to see it.” Smile for me Yuri, I wanna see ya wheels,  ya ya wheels,  ya ya ya wheels (Paul Wall reference)

Some of you may have wondered what kind of wheels Yuri was ridin’… don’t even play like you don’t know. You know she got about five men guarding her low rida bikes with gold plated tires and diamond handle bars. She probably also has someone steering the bike for her so she don’t have to work much. Don Jess takes care of her people.

Yuris Pimped out Bike

Yuri's Pimped out Bike

Just kidding.

Yuri Ridin Dirty (Flo-Rida)

Yuri Ridin' Dirty (Chamillionaire Reference)

But what’s really the most important picture?

Dis iz Surrious Bidnezz

Dis iz Surrious Bidnezz


And yes, even with all this Hollywood Bowl commotion and hype, SNSDKOREAN’s silly blogging still continues. Or at least my sillyness continues…