Why is it not over yet!? BECAUSE I SAID SO! Or atleast until SNSD’s new album yo!
Check out the article from allkpop! And watch the video! I thought the dance was okay, pretty weird to see guys dancing to such a girly dance. Then this woman goes up, and I thought she was going to dance too, but she just models?! Weird….
Alex dances to Gee…I swoon

And you thought it was over, didn’t you? Well, after you watch this clip, you’ll be glad it isn’t! Oh. Em. Gee. I didn’t think this man could be any sexier, but he proves me wrong once again! On the Kang Ho Dong Show this past Monday, Alex did the beginning of Girls’ Generation’s Gee dance quite perfectly, but in his own unique style.
The best part of the insanely cute performance was at 0:40 when he backed that thang up into the camera…and we all know how much I love ass. Yum.

Check him out and thanks to sunfanyftw for the tip!

Article Credit: The_Lost_City @allkpop
Video Credit: chiwoobi @ youtube & source