Another CF is out~!

cr: ht21196

This ad is for Global Fair & Festival 2009 Incheon, Korea which is an international event taking place in Incheon, the third largest metropolitan city in Korea, beginning on August 7th and running through October 25th for a period of 80 days. It will be a a comprehensive fair & festival with a variety of international exhibitions, conferences and events. Exciting events and festivals will also be an essential part of the Global Fair & Festival. Participants and visitors will be able to enjoy and indulge in an endless number of events and festivals for the full duration of the 80 days. Events will consist of city culture days, corporate days, parades, food festivals, multi-media shows, concerts, and many more.


What a cute CF!  The future city of Incheon looks… interesting.

Man these girls are so awesome that they even being ambassadors for a futuristic city! By the way, apparently Incheon is Hyoyeon’s old territory… which is pretty cool, imo. ❤