IU, probably one of the youngest talents in Korea today has come back and impressed me. Well, her new single ‘BOO’ definitely didn’t but what she did on this weeks Star Golden Bell did.

And no, for those of you who don’t get my slang, she’s not sick. I mean ‘ill’ as in ‘sick’, ‘cool’, ‘skill’.

Lee Ji Eun (a.k.a IU) was born on May 16, 1993 (a year younger than me!). But don’t let this young age fool you, she’s got the vocal skills that don’t match her rookie title. Under some no name company, LOEN Entertainment, she didn’t start out in the media circle or wasn’t talked about as being the new craze- however, she impressed everyone. Although she wasn’t treated as the ‘next big thing’, people did at least recognize her because of her talent at such a young age. She may not have blew up right away because she decided to debut with a ballad and had no collaboration what so ever (never mind that she’s under a new company) but such big talent from such a girl came from nowhere. This all leads up to great potential in her career and of course, in K-Music. Her biggest break so far was winning the YTN Rookie Award on 20081031 with her debut single “MIA” (Missing Child). Wow, I should brush up on my article writing…

IU plays guitar and can sing in English quite well.

The new Younha? Possibly.

You ask, “What’s her name?”

She’ll tell you. (@00:28)

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