[NewsEn Reporter Lee Mihye]

Designer Jo Sungkyung will make a cameo appearance in MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Cinderella Man’. Designer Jo will appear in the drama as designer ‘Evelyn Jo’. On that day’s broadcast, the ‘Seoul Fashion Week F/W 09/10’ will open in the SETEC convention center, using Jo Sungkyung own fashion show performance for it.

Designer Jo was scheduled to take part as a fashion director in ‘Cinderella Man’ since it’s planning stage. In the fashion show scenes she is seen showing her collection in a confident manner, and appears in Han Eunjung’s workplace and in Elegance Choi’s boutique, participating positively and not minding doing trivial chores.

Designer Jo said, “I hope that people will look at the design world in a more realistic way after watching ‘Cinderella Man’, which has Dongdaemun market as it’s background and shows what happens in the national fashion business”. “I would be delighted if this drama has a big influence on the general public. I’ll help ‘Cinderella Man’ unsparingly till it’s end,” she remarked.

Moreover, Designer Jo taught SNSD Yoona design basics, sketching and even coached her on her French in her spare moments. Designer Jo will appear on the 29th in the 5th episode of ‘Cinderella Man’.

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Source: NewsEn
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Wow more Cinderella Man news. I really hope for the sake of YoonA the viewers + rating of the drama will go up, because it’s way too low atm. YoonA learning design and french!? She’s taking on so much! Go girl go!