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from silis7noy@soompi:

SM will throw surprise birthday party for Jessica tomorrow. This will be like Yuri’s bday party last time with only 100 guests invited. Anybody see any pics from Yuri’s party? Guess SM didn’t release any pics angry.gif Hope they will release some pics & vids this time.

:O Those lucky, lucky fans that get to go… 😦 Totally agree with the poster, I’d love for some official pictures but I doubt that’ll happen. Nonetheless, ice princess’s birhday is in a day (Korean time!) Woo! And as usual, look forward to my annual birthday posts for the girl, although it might be a bit late into the day (VTech visiting.) But yeah, if you happen to go…omg share something with us fans who can’t even see the girls for a live performance. -_-