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(From their upcoming Miero Beauty CF that is. You know, the beauty product they recently promote…)

So, we can expect…

  • Hyo, Soo, and Sica on a blind date scene (lucky lucky lucky boys men!)
  • Sunny in bed with the maknaes (because we know she likes them young)
  • Tiffany shower scene (whoaaaa! ^o^)

Interesting! Watch the BTS video below

cr: lovelycecil

But… what’s Taeyeon and Yuri roles in this CF, I wonder. They were present in the BTS clip but we haven’t see what kind of scene they’re in. My predictions: because Yuri was with HyoSooSica in the interview, I suppose she’ll be the one who save the girls from the disastrous blind date and then date all three of them herself (because Yuri is cool like that or maybe just because I want my YulSic, SooRi, and HyoRi!) while Taeyeon… well, since Tiffany is the only one who being left alone, maybe Taeyeon will join her or something. TaeNy in shower, sounds great, no?

Anyway, is it just me or their faces seems so… oily in this vid?

We’ll get to see the CF on April 10th.