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If you’ve been keeping up with K-entertainment news, you should already know about WE GOT MARRIED’s predicament. Because there are so many specials that come before or after or even during the time slot of WGM’s original air date, a lot of footage gets cut off to be saved for a later episode. In fact, they have hours worth of footage that hasn’t been shown and it equals up to about a month or even more! That’s why if you’re watching something in March, the couples are still wearing very heavy jackets, etc. However, the producers of the show say that some time around May is when the show will finally be able to switch/change around.

ANYWAY, the main point of this entry is for some breaking news. Kim Hyundon (Tae’s ‘husband’) is leaving WE GOT MARRIED Yes, the guy that’s been passed around and probably the oldest (in terms of length) person on the show is leaving! He’s been all over Korean headlines but the news is still unclear (well for us international fans who can’t read hangul). All we know is that the show will end in May- how ironic. I don’t think the producers saw this coming as the topic above was written a week (or a bit more) before the revelation of DonDon’s girlfriend.

MANNN!!!! Are you serious!? I just started getting back into WGM (I stopped after ep.11 hahaa) because of TaeYeon. Yeah, the couples interested me… well cept for the Lettuce (Hwangbo/Hyunjoon of SS501) and after Saori left Hyundon… but TaeYeon’s participation was what brought me back! And I had been enjoying everyone else’s couple as well (come on, you can’t beat Shinyoung!)… But I will admit, I was very iffy about TaeYeon/Hyundon from the start. I mean… it’s so obvious that this couple is scripted, even if Taeyeon actually does like Hyundon as a comedian (looks up to him).

HOWEVER, after episode 49, I really started to like the couple! “Tiffany? YOU, OUT!” hahah he was becoming funny again to me and he was no longer awkward. And in episode 50 was just damn cute! Mainly cuz TaeYeon’s been the cutest she’s been in a while (not dorky cute, cute cute…yes, there’s a difference) and they really annoyed each other. I haven’t seen episode 51 yet…but omg, it looks hilarious! Who doesn’t love it when SNSD comes on to WGM?! It’s usually the best part of the show! I’m gonna miss that ;___________;

I don’t know why that is necessary. Everyone on this show is prolly in a relationship with someone anyway.

Tama mama @JPHIP.com

She’s got a point. I mean, we all know TaeYeon and Junsu are going out already! Evidence at 1:30; Junsu waits for TaeYeon to stack her hand on top so Junsu can put his own… YEAH, I SAW DAT!

You can keep up/read a bit more about it as the news floods in (if I don’t update soon enough) >>HERE – post 64<< Make sure to wait for the page to load so it’ll automatically go to the post 64 and you can just scroll down.